The Complete History of "Airpods Minecraft" (so far): The Airpods Minecraft Server originally started as a joke on Twitter by the former Airpod King, Jschlatt. Originally, Schlatt was there for his people, but eventually, he let his once beautiful kingdom descend into darkness. After abandoning us OG members and the realm, the members of Airpods 1 scattered, hiding in the darkness. But, out of nowhere, not too long after the great tragedy that befell upon the Airpod kingdom, a new king arose out of the darkness. That king was GamerAlex_CZ. He created a new server, a new kingdom, known as Airpods 2: Electric Bogaloo. This new king, unlike Schlatt, fought with us 'til the very end. Eventually, however, the player count began to drop, and eventually, the server was cursed with the same fate as its predecessor. At that point, all hope was lost. It was looking as though the meme would finally die a peaceful death.